Cheryl Tunt

Cheryl Tunt (AKA: Carol Tunt & country music star, Cherlene) is a ditsy secretary voiced by Judy Greer. She is rich, mentally unstable, loves sniffing rubber cement, and gets sexually aroused by being choked and abused.

Archer Office Sex

Archer uses Cheryl (or Carol) as his own little fuck-toy even though he can’t be bothered to remember her name.
Here, he bangs her doggystyle and cums on her ass.

Fax Machine Fucking


Archer Leaves Carol Naked

Archer throws Carol’s clothes off the roof of his penthouse apartment leaving her naked in the cold.

Carol Tunt Naked

Sploosh! Pussy Squirting

Carol Tunt masturbates so hard, she has to tape up her fingers first.

Sploosh Squirting

And as it turns out, she squirts like a geyser when she cums. Sploosh!


Here she is drenched in some heart-shaped cum.