Lana Kane

Lana Kane is a beautiful light-skinned black woman voiced by Aisha Tyler. She is Archer’s long-time love interest and the sexiest spy at ISIS.

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Archer enjoys a martini while Lana Kane puts her guns aside, pulls his cock between her tits, and licks the tip before sucking his dick.

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Then Lana rides Archer’s rock-hard cock cowgirl style while pinching her nipple in ecstasy.

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Finally, a friend comes along to fill Lana’s mouth full of cock in a little threesome action while Archer squeezes his dick into her tight asshole.

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Lana Nude by the Pool

Check out a some sexy poolside action from the Bob’s Burgers crossover episode, “Fugue and Riffs.”

Lana Kane Nude Pool

Here, Lana Kane tries to seduce Archer out of a state of amnesia in which he thinks he is Bob Belcher.
You’d think that seeing this topless ISIS agent in nothing more than her bikini bottoms would do the trick…

Lana Kane Bikini Topless

See Lana’s tits flopping around all over the place after Archer rips off her shirt and makes a slingshot bikini top so he can fire Molotov cocktails out of her “boob cups.”

Lana's Tits Flopping Around


Anime Lana Gets Spanked

This Japanese anime version of Lana is subservient and willing to have her ass spanked hard enough to leave a mark.